5 Risks of Living with Missing Teeth

Missing TeethThere is nothing beneficial from ignoring teeth that need replacement procedures. Losing your permanent teeth -- especially at any younger age -- can be devastating. It does not matter if it's your front teeth (also known as incisors), your canines, or your permanent teeth at the back of your mouth. Missing teeth can lead to a multitude of health issues.

Missing front teeth can be particularly devastating since it is noticeable when smiling, while a lost tooth in the back of the mouth is invisible for the most part. While it is easy to consider ignoring teeth at the back of the mouth that need replacement, ignoring early signs of dental issues can lead to extensive treatment.

Living with the gap of a missing tooth or teeth comes with various health and psychological risks. These include:

1. Eating problems

Every tooth performs a specific task in the eating process. For example, the incisors are for biting, while the molars and pre-molars have been designed to grind food. Missing even one tooth will affect the normal chewing process. Missing teeth can lead to only being able to consume foods that are easy-to-chew. The change in diet and inability to eat certain foods can lead to digestive problems and other health issues.

2. Crooked teeth

Perfectly arranged teeth can become crooked due to a missing tooth. Since every tooth occupies its own space, a missing tooth leaves space that forces the remaining teeth to try and fill the void. The surrounding teeth will begin to shift to and bend towards the gap. crooked teeth can also create areas that a toothbrush or floss cannot reach. Food particles will become plaque and spread in these areas, developing into an infection.

3. Dental problems

Due to the teeth moving out of alignment to fill the gap, many people struggle with the issue of difficulty in cleaning and using the teeth. Brushing and flossing can even become painful at times. The buildup of plaque can lead to even gum disease. In many cases of people who do not seek treatment, gum disease can lead to tooth extraction of one or more teeth.

4. Jawbone deterioration

The jawbone is responsible for holding the teeth in place. The process of chewing and grinding food keeps it strong and healthy just like other bones that thrive on exercise. A missing tooth negatively affects the jawbone since the gap remains inactive. The inactive space leads to the process of resorption in which the body leeches the calcium from the jaw for other areas of the body. The result is a collapsed facial appearance and the loss of more teeth.

5. Self-confidence

People who avoid smiling or lack self-confidence in their smile due to crooked/missing teeth will benefit from seeking professional treatment. Missing teeth can also lead to a lack of functions. For example, incisors are responsible for voice production.

If a patient happens to lose any of these teeth, problems in word pronunciation will occur which could, in turn, ruin self-confidence. In addition, the teeth help to keep the facial features in place. A missing tooth can change the shape and appearance of the face, especially along the jaws. This can also be bad for self-image.

The good news is that all these risks can be averted by simply visiting a dentist and asking to find out more about for tooth replacement.

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