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Dental FillingsWhen you get dental fillings in San Diego, it is always our goal to make sure that we work with you to ensure that you do not have further cavities, or that the cavity we are filling does not continue to enlarge. To do this, we make sure that every dental filling is completed after carefully removing all the decay, and cleaning the enamel that has been exposed to this decay. Frequently this involves drilling out a small portion of the enamel as well. Many of our patients understand that a cavity is a tiny hole in the teeth, which can grow considerably larger over time and is caused by bacteria. Most people do not know that your enamel is constantly battling against this bacteria and that it takes the bacteria some time to bore a hole in the tooth. Using minerals like calcium and phosphate, which occur naturally in saliva, along with water, and fluoride, your teeth can actually make a really good stand against plaque. The challenge is that when you continue to expose the tooth to starchy and sugary foods, eventually the constant attack by bacterial acid will wear the enamel down, leading to you needing to get a dental filling.

Taking advantage of dental fillings means that you are not only getting the most personalized attention, as we work to ensure that your teeth are in perfect condition, but you are also getting treated by the most advanced technology available. The dental community, as a whole, is always working to improve the technology we use and your experience. For example, until a short time ago if you had to get dental fillings, we would have used metal type fillings that stood out. While the old fillings got the job done they were unsightly, so we now offer a better solution. Today, fillings can be any shade, and with their natural look we can repair cavities that are even more prominently placed. Dental technology and innovation are still being worked on. A few years ago, in 2012, the University of Maryland Dental School came up with something that could eventually revolutionize how fillings are done. These new fillings are still undergoing trial but, should they be approved, they will work not only to fill the cavity but also to kill any residual bacteria that might have been left behind.

These new fillings use silver nanoparticles, along with ammonia in the primer, bonding agent, and the filling itself which have all been shown to kill bacteria. While there remains some concern about the health risk associated with silver nanoparticles, the bottom line is that we continue to work on innovation and science to make your teeth stronger, with better products and an overall goal of making people need to visit the dentist less frequently. If we can add self-healing, where we empower the enamel to do its natural healing process, then this would be a huge win for the dental community. We will continue to provide you with durable and natural-looking fillings and update you as the technology continues to evolve.

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