How Lumineers Can Fix Crooked Teeth

LumineersThere is a common misconception that braces are the only way to correct crooked teeth with a permanent solution. Lumineers® are one of the multiple options for fixing crooked teeth efficiently. Let us take a look at how this oral health solution works so you can determine if it is the most efficient choice for your mouth.

The Basics of Lumineers®

Patients who are even the slightest bit hesitant about braces, need to consider Lumineers®. Not only are Lumineers® less painful, they also offer a fully-corrected smile that will not bust one's budget. Lumineers® is a painless and quick method for aligning crooked teeth instead of spending months wearing braces or spending large quantities of money on other solutions.

Lumineers® will give patients a lovely smile that looks perfectly natural. It is important for patients to not automatically assume orthodontic treatment is the only solution to crooked teeth. We can place Lumineers® on the teeth so patients have a natural and perfect appearance. Unlike traditional braces that are cumbersome, Lumineers® are discreet and are not obvious to the naked eye.

A Quick and Easy Procedure

By choosing Lumineers®, patients will enjoy a fast procedure that is surprisingly simple. There is no pain during the procedure. Patients will find that the procedure is actually a surprisingly uneventful experience.

While it will be necessary to shave off part of the natural tooth during the initial appointment, that will be the only part that may cause mild discomfort. By removing a small portion of the tooth, we will ensure that the Lumineers® fit properly and do not spread out past the other teeth. There is no need for braces when patients can use this comparably-thin material that fully covers and remedies misaligned teeth.

Lumineers® eliminate that uneven spacing between teeth, correcting those crooked teeth and even making an awkward-looking tooth appear normal. Lumineers® are so incredibly thin that minimal if any, tooth reduction will be necessary for a precise placement.

A Small, yet Highly Effective Oral Health Solution

Today's Lumineers® are not the same as the veneers of yesteryear. Today's version is an incredibly thin, yet extremely formidable material. There is no need to drill down the original tooth. We can even have the Lumineers® match the shade of the surrounding teeth. Patients will smile without a second thought once we place the final Lumineers® in the mouth.

We will need to conduct a basic examination prior to placing the Lumineers® to ensure that there will be no issues once we place them. This is the translucent solution to crooked teeth that many patients have long been hoping for and want.

Contact Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

If you are considering Lumineers®, looking for another form of dental treatment or simply need a cleaning, contact us to schedule an appointment. We will customize oral health solutions to your unique needs. If you have any questions or concerns about potential treatments or procedures, let us know so we can help you make an informed decision.

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