The Most Common Dental Problems and Their Treatments

DentalTeeth are certainly strong yet they will eventually pose some dental problems no matter how well you take care of them.  The teeth are living things with live tissues and nerves. The bottom line is dental problems will happen at one point or another.  Thankfully, dental technology is now at the point where it is possible to treat just about every type of oral health ailment in a reasonable amount of time.

Tooth Decay is one of the Most Common Dental Problems

Tooth decay, also known as cavities or dental caries, occurs when bacteria within plaque settles along the teeth.  This bacteria generates an acid that gradually eats away at the enamel of the teeth. Holes known as cavities gradually form. It is best to prevent tooth decay from ever forming.

The problem with cavities is once they form, there is no way to naturally reverse them.  It is crucial to drill and fill the cavity. After, the patient must continue to make 6-month dental checkups so a dentist or professional can ensure the cavity is doing well.

Tooth Infections

If the bottom portion of the tooth (the root) is infected, it will gradually fill with bacteria that damages nerves as well as the pulp tissue within the tooth. It is possible for anything from a deep crack to a cavity or a fracture to cause an infection. If the root infection is particularly severe, an uncomfortable abscess will develop. A root canal will typically treat the infection.

This treatment requires a couple hours but is not as painful as people often believe. The root canal requires drilling a hole in the upper portion of the infected tooth. The dentist then uses a file to grind away at the interior portion of the tooth to form a tunnel to the root. A suction tool eliminates the infected pulp tissue. The empty structure then fills with a material to stop bacteria from moving in.

Gum Disease is one of the More Common Dental Problems

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that occurs after plaque accumulates in the mouth.  Bacteria consume gum tissues as well as the ligaments that keep the teeth in position. Gum disease progresses in five stages so patients have ample time to stop it.

A comprehensive dental care routine has the potential to reverse symptoms in the early phases.  If the disease progresses to a later phase, it will prove that much more difficult to treat.

Enamel Degradation

Tooth enamel degradation is becoming more common with each passing year.  Enamel degradation is a discolored and round portion of the enamel surface.  It occurs as the teeth gradually come into contact with corrosive fluids and foods like carbonated soft drinks and sugar-loaded candy.  The acid within such treats wears away at the enamel, staining it and generally making the teeth look unhealthy.

There is only so much that one can do to reverse or stop enamel degradation.  A dentist cannot place eroded enamel back on the teeth. Prevention is the best approach to enamel degradation.  Substitute water for soft drinks and sports drinks. If you absolutely must have a sports drink or juice, clean your teeth after indulging.

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