Smile Gallery

Actual Patients

Please take a moment to look through our smile makeover gallery to see some of our patients' "before-and-after" photos for examples of our cosmetic dental work.

Discolored old filling

Single E-Max layered with porcelain Veneer to match the adjacent teeth

Fragile, cracked Enamel on all Front teeth with large old Composite fillings

Teeth Restored with E-Max Veneers layered with Porcelain

Discolored and old Composite bondings on upper front teeth.

Four front teeth right after cementation of E-Max Crowns.

Extensive decay with broken and chipped teeth

Upper front teeth restored with Porcelain layered E-Max

Same patient above

Restored broken front tooth with E-Max Crown imitating the adjacent tooth's decalcification spots.

Super erupted and discolored Front tooth

The uneven upper front tooth restored by E-Max Veneer

Restoration of the front upper teeth by E-Max Crowns

Old and discolored Composite Veneers

After E-Max Veneers

Same Patient above

Multiple broken teeth with large cavities

E-Max Crowns to restore the upper 4 front teeth

E-Max Crowns

Chipped, cracked teeth with old discolored Composite fillings Upper 4 front teeth restored with E-Max Crowns and Veneers

Discolored upper front two teeth

Front two teeth restored with E-Max Veneers

Extensive decay with broken and chipped teeth

All Upper and lower front teeth restored with Porcelain layered E-Max

Same Patient above

Dramatic and beautiful results can be achieved by the latest cosmetic restorations. Bellow, all six upper front teeth are restored with cosmetic Veneers called E-MAX.. Chipped, malaligned and discolorations are all corrected by this beautiful life like Veneers.

Same Patient above

Easily transform unpleasant appearances of your teeth and achieve beautiful, bright and healthy smile that keeps you smiling all day long.

Old, discolored, fillings on front teeth give an aged appearance to a smile, By placing E-max and/ or Porcelain Veneers, a youthful and a bright smile can take away years off your age.

E-Max Veneers For two Upper Teeth

E-Max Veneers to restore proper Length, shade and shape

Old Composite Fillings and fractured teeth restored with E-Max crowns and Veneers

Chipped old Bondings on front teeth and severe wear due to grinding

Restored by Porcelain layered E-MAX Crowns

Same Patient above

E-Max Crowns on his upper central teeth to fix the chips and cracks on his teeth.

Full upper and lower reconstruction. All teeth needed full crowns due to breakdown od old fillings and or severely decayed teeth

Anterior E-Max Venners to Replace Old Bondings and Worn Edges